If you were to go on Google and search for ‘why IT projects fail’, you will be presented with no less than 476 million hits, as of late 2020. Buzz phrases such as misaligned priorities, bad estimates, unclear requirements, the choice of wrong technology for the job and the lack of accountability are all the rage amongst project management experts who write pages upon pages on the subject. With such an overwhelming amount of information out in the open, it is rather questionable whether most teams/companies are focusing on the things that matter, in keeping-up with the demands of modern-day tech projects. 

Do we really understand the essence of what elevates a project to create value beyond expectations? 

The Human Element

Projects are carried out by humans, mostly for the benefit of fellow humans. This is especially true in the case of IT projects. Success of any project depends greatly on the human element more than any other material or immaterial considerations. This is why we believe in the impact of a positive organizational culture on the success of everything we do at Texus. At the heart of what we do is a team that is inspired and motivated to give their absolute best and more at every instance. There are no hierarchical reporting structures or chains of command to keep individuals in check. Instead of micro-managing and complex monitoring mechanisms, we take a bottom-up approach where each individual is empowered to take ownership of what they do and believe that they are contributing towards making a difference. This approach has had a profoundly positive impact on the success of the projects we have taken on. 

Change is Inevitable 

In a world where change is inevitable and rapid, a business is expected to change with the ways it operates and adapt to the world around it. A primary casing point that shows where businesses had to rethink their entire approach would be the year 2020 and the pandemic. They were thrown off guard, and were forced to come up with entirely new strategies in order to stay relevant. 

Most projects are planned and carried out in a way that would align with the long term strategies and the vision of a business. As more and more companies are starting to adapt to a project-based approach towards growth, the success of these projects become paramount to the sustenance and growth of a business entity. That is where the importance of ‘Agile’ approaches become more apparent, whereas cumbersome traditional project management approaches fail to deliver. 

At Texus, we are perfecting the art of making the most of Agile. The entire approach to producing Minimum Viable Products and building up on them down the road, runs like a well-oiled machine that is designed to make the most of business opportunities. This approach enables us to stay on top of the needs of dynamic business conditions. Our rapid Research and Development approaches coupled with technical knowledge of the team pushes us to be ahead of the curve when bringing out MVPs to convert changing conditions into a competitive advantage. 

Right Tool for the Right Job

In general, the technology that is being used is not considered to be a determining factor that contributes to the success or the hindrance of a tech project. However, using the right technology for the right purpose has considerable payoffs towards maximizing the benefits of tech projects. At Texus, we do not limit ourselves to a single platform or a framework. A technology should be used as a tool, to capitalise on the benefits that it would offer. Thus, hindrances caused by the limitations of a particular technology would rather defeat its ultimate purpose. Our team thrives on applying the right technology to where it is most appropriate. In doing so, we’ve managed to eliminate the need to depend on a particular tech stack, while maximising the intended benefits of the outcome of a project.

Business Savviness FTW

Our elusive team of tech and business experts have had the privilege of working in a plethora of business domains in a significant professional capacity. Healthcare, Food and Agriculture, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Property Management and Leisure industries are their natural playing grounds. Riding on such a wave of comfort allows us to dive head first into challenges, to come up with solutions to business problems, as well as to create greater opportunities for businesses to thrive in. On instances where we require further domain expertise, our rapid R&D approach aids us in aligning project objectives with the finer details of the business needs of our clients. In a way, we are privileged to have the ability to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients and bring something extra to the table, to propel their businesses to the next level. 

Even though arguments may be made against the need of a thorough understanding of business domains when it comes to outsourcing tech projects, unless project teams are willing to invest considerable resources and time towards understanding the business environment, and are willing to go through extensive R&D, the outcomes of these projects may leave a lot to be desired. 

Cohesion Takes the Cake

The success of any project may depend on a number of external and internal factors. Technicalities and buzzwords aside, all of the above factors working in cohesion greatly enhances the ability for a project’s outcome to exceed expectations. The Texus approach to making the most out of every opportunity follows a formula that is proven over the years to yield exceptional results, regardless of the scale or the nature of the project. The confidence we have in our approach has greatly enhanced the quality of service we are able to offer. This is your chance to invest in that same confidence that unicorn startups in the making, and matured corporations alike have trusted upon for their success.