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Texus Solutions simplifies the approach to Tech Engagements

Given our teams wide experience in managing global technology programs and handling cutting edge technologies, we have arrived at an intuitive engagement approach, embraced by our clients for its success.


Given the risks faced by Tech Ventures and Mature IT Programs alike, our methodology is designed to ensure your desired outcomes are met.

  • Reduce the risk of our failure
  • Maximize the Technology Advantage
  • Reduce costs in the long run
  • Streamline your engagement
  • Accelerate your business outcomes

It’s as easy as abc

Your Business Challenge


Biz-Tech Consulting

Capture the business


Research & Development

Maximize your tech advantage


Technology Services

Deliver your outcomes

With over 20+ years of maturity in the Global IT industry and also a collective experience of over 200+ years, we can offer our consulting services on all major Technology and Businesses domains. Based on an Outcome driven approach, our consulting services will ensure that the objectives of your IT program will be met, saving you major cost and effort in the long-run, while ensuring you get the most out of the technology advantage.
Feasibility and technology research are the most by-passed activity in the software development life cycle. In our experience, proper research, feasibility, POCs and MVP development has ensured tech dreams are not short lived. At Texus Solutions, we uphold research as a key step in our software development lifecycle (SDLC), enabling us to mitigate risks and maximize the technology advantage of our clients.

We also offer the following Technology Services as standard:

  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • DevOps Services
  • Release Management
  • Support Services
  • Specialized Services
  • Business Automation
  • IoT Development
  • AI/BI Services

Get Your Technology Advantage Now!

How would you want to engage with us?
 Choose from a wide variety of engagement models.

“One Stop Shop” to create your own local IT business entity

Sri Lanka has been the location of choice for Global Tech Companies and Top Brands given its geo location advantage, competitive pricing, high skilled workforces, ethical work practices and our inherent “Can do!” attitude.

Texus Solutions takes it further in bundling these benefits into one offering that will enable a quick and seamless setup where your investment will only be for initial setup costs and a monthly management fee.

Project complexity

Cost Saving

Are you a Tech Start-Up looking for High Skilled resources at competitive rates?

We are specialized in setting up Tech Start-Up operations, where from the very first hire you will be guided through the setup process, admin & HR operations, local employee branding, software delivery management and support throughout your growth rounds. We have been instrumental in creating elite teams who are proven in delivering the most demanding of programs.

Project complexity

Cost Saving

Setup an Extended Offshore Technology Operation for your organization under your own brand.

Extend your existing onsite IT operation to an offshore. We will support you to hire staff vetted by our veteran tech team, provide hardware and software, setup on-location seats, establish branded office locations or even facilitate monitored work-from-home models enabling you to seamlessly augment your team.

Project complexity

Cost Saving

Got a spike of work that needs the support of an external Tech Team?

We can provide teams, individuals or even take on fixed pieces of work to accelerate your programs or facilitate a specialized technology challenge that requires high-skilled staffed. Our engagement models allow you to obtain services on a Time & Material or Fixed Bid basis.

Project complexity

Cost Saving

Got an AWESOME Product Idea you want to invest, but you don’t want the hassle of managing a remote IT operation or guiding a technology team?

Our mature technology team with over 20+ years of experience, can take you through the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) which includes Project Management, Business Analysis, Software Development, Quality Assurance, DevOps and Support Services. Build Operate Transfer (BOT) models are also possible where you can transfer the team under your cadre once the operation matures.

Project complexity

Cost Saving

Project Rescue! Our Tech experts will help you bring your failed projects back to life.

Are you current IT engagements not going to plan? Suffering from poor quality? Hitting cost overruns? Or lacking the predictability it requires? Or has the vendor simply has stopped supporting the product? Our teams with extensive experience on varied technology platforms, business domains and operational models are ready to support. With proper project assessments, mitigations strategies, process alignment and best practices, we can easily get you projects back online, fast!

Project complexity

Cost Saving

Provide Tech Support Services to manage your existing operations or help service your client base.

Is your existing support team defaulting on SLAs? Are you looking to augment your support team to save on cost while also trying to improve your service levels? It may be a paradox to some, but our experienced team can help you build a support framework that will maintain your QOS standards (Quality of Service) without the escalating costs. Our strategies include, support automation, preventing support and also self-healing support frameworks that can be custom build to manage your IT ecosystem. We are geared to support you during business hours or even 24x7x365. Our comprehensive coverage includes multiple geo locations and application streams across all application tiers. In the end, it’s all about driving your competitive advantage!

Project complexity

Cost Saving

We can adapt to any demanding need! Hence our offering on tailored engagement models.

Larger engagements with multiple work streams can opt for a tailored engagement model. For example, Application Support and QA services can be on a Fixed bid retainer while your development arm can be on a Time and Material contract. Any offshoots of development can be done via Fixed bids to save costs and avoid unnecessary obligations to increase head count. Whatever your need, we will help you find the model that best suits your requirement.

Project complexity

Cost Saving